Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dance over Soccer

So Alanna made a major decision last night. Well, maybe not major to everyone else but it dashed Paul's hopes of raising the next Mia Hamm. After this season, Alanna does not want to play soccer any more. Our philosophy on the whole kid activity thing is to let Alanna (and eventually Luke) try out lots of different things before we focus on any one thing. So Alanna has done gymnastics, ballet, soccer, tap, cheer, singing and jazz. She has decided that no more soccer and her "favorites" are the singing in "Broadway Babies" (a performance group she is in that combines dance and singing Broadway music), tap and "almost cheer". So we'll do Broadway Babies and tap.

This made sense to me because Alanna does have a flair for the dramatic and is always trying to give singing lessons to anyone that will listen. Paul was crushed. I think because he can connect with her easier through soccer, enjoys the games, practices, etc. It's harder for him to go, watch and be excited for a 2 hour ballet of Peter Pan or watch the Broadway melody, "The Stage Through The Years." He's a good Dad and always gets her flowers and is at every performance.


lovemyguys said...

Tonight, Robbie is starting a hip-hop dance class. Yes, you read it right. I wrote hip-hop.

Robbie said...

Maybe Luke will be a superstar in sports...once he's able to go for a few minutes without having to handle, display and discuss his naughty bits. (from Sue, the NotRobbie)

Bella said...

Just wait until she starts making big bucks on Broadway! The next Shirley Temple!
Or....maybe she will be the star of some musical featuring soccer. A High School Musical with Soccer flair!
Now, that would make Daddy proud!
She is adorabley a girl!