Friday, September 21, 2007


A young man who attends our church died yesterday. Cancer. It's such a rip off. He's 16 and he's gone. It has brought back so many memories from the day my sister died (cancer). Things that I have not thought of or had forgotten have come rushing back the last 2 days. Being the Admin. Assistant to the Sr. Pastor much of the responsibilities of planning the memorial service has fallen to me. In a way it's been good because I have been so busy getting everything ready and organized for tomorrow. I don't have time to be really sad and cry.

Right before Josh died, he sat up in his bed and said, "Jesus" and laid down and went to heaven. Something in that is so beautiful. Jesus was there to welcome Josh and take him home.

I still want to know why Jesus didn't choose to heal Josh and let him live to be 98, be married and have 16 grandkids. Just another thing I have added to the list to ask when I get to heaven.

Cancer is such rip-off. I'm so tired of seeing people taken by this disease. I want to see people healed. I have so much anger towards cancer. There is do much inside of me that wants/needs to see victory over cancer.


Jo said...

my father-in-law was given a few months to live when they found his cancer earlier this year. it has been such a struggle for me not to be angry as well. my husband is just plain angry. angry at God mostly. it's not easy.