Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No Poo - I promise!

It's hard to think about things to blog about. I ton of stuff going on but it is all just busy stuff. Not exciting life stuff. But, here is a couple things that have been happening and going through my head...

  • I got natural deodorant after reading Dan's blog about ether and metal in deodorant. It works great as a deodorant, I don't stink. I have a giant ugly, bumpy, burning, red rash in my underarm area (sorry Sue, you have probably left the computer and are washing your hands right now). My body can't handle natural - I guess it's back to ether and metal deodorant.
  • For the last 3 weeks I have been working out almost every morning (about 6 days a week) and eating healthy. Yeah me! I've lost 1 pound. Boo! I know, I know, fat and increasing muscle... I'm still a girl and I want the scale to go down and 1 pound doesn't feel like much of a pay off for all that work. It makes it a little bit harder to get up at 5:30AM. We'll see what happens on the weigh-in on Friday morning.
  • I love being a mom. I think the older I get (yes, 30 years old now - get me a cane), the more natural it feels to be a mom. It is so rewarding to "mother". I know God is working on my heart right now and might be moving me in a different direction. Just got to keep praying.
The kiddos sharing some ice cream. My kids are AWESOME!


MamaSue said...

Blog away, Girl; your life is never boring to me. And I didn't have to scrub even once!