Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Giving

This year our home group "adopted" a family for the holiday season. This mom is a single mom of 3 kiddos. She is working multiple minimum wage jobs to bring her family off of welfare. Their requests were very simple, shampoo, a whisk, the 6 year old wants a sparkley purse. So we took their requests out and bought them Christmas presents.

My family was assigned the 6 year old girl (since I have a 6 year old girl). We went out to find the sparkle purse, some Hannah Montana stuff and some clothes. I thought Alanna would be on board and want to help make this little girl's Christmas special. Boy, was I wrong!! I got crying, pouting and a fit in the middle of Target. Alanna had no compassion for those less fortunate and her eyes were glazed over with greed and the true meaning of Christmas - TOYS!


Jo said...

maybe compassion doesn't kick in till next year... I think you are doing a wonderful thing. She will get it soon enough.