Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some things...

So I the blogs that I frequent usually have a running article of some kind. I decided to start my own, I'm calling it Some Things...

Some Things About Luke I Never Want to Forget...

  1. He calls his sister A-nana & follows her where ever she goes

Every beverage you can think of is called wa-wa

Every animal, except a cat, roars - including bunnies, goats, dogs and sheep

Luke loves to rock (as in rock n' roll) and asks me daily, "Wanna rock?" and in case I didn't know what that means, plays his air guitar or gets Alanna's Hannah Montana guitar and plays that for me

He loves anything Superman and calls him "Mo-Mo-Mo" and Spiderman is "Mo-Mo"

Asks 100 times a day: "What's that?" "Who's that?" after I answer him he says "Oh" and points to the same thing and asks again. At times annoying but super cute

When he's sleepy he's cuddly and likes to play with my belly button and rub my tummy. (I'm sure this is some strange Freudian thing but I love our cuddle time)