Friday, April 18, 2008

Running Wo-Man 3

I am now up to running a total of 9 minutes! My total workout time is 45 minutes when I include my walking intervles, warm-up and cool-down. Check me out - like I said before, I'm kind of a big deal. Next week I'm kind of freaking out about - I have to run for 3 minutes at a time. Right now I'm doing 1.5 minutes. 3 minutes is double what I'm doing now (just incase you needed help with the math).

PS - went to a new Weight Watchers meeting this week. Lost a pound (Whoot!Whoot!) And my new leader is SUPER EXCITED!!! And I'm about 20 years younger than all the other ladies there. We talked about exercise and we all shared what we were doing. Everyone said, "Oooooo" when I said I was running. ...I'm kind of a big deal!


Lola D said...

You're not just kind of a big deal, you are the REAL deal. Look at you, doubling your time ALREADY! You rock!

Jered said...

You're part of the topic of my blog entry from tonight "I am man, hear me roar"