Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going Veggie

In my quest to improve my health (both physical, mental and spiritual), I have gone veggie. Well, I am slowly transitioning to a veggie/whole foods lifestyle. Why? Well... I really like the taste of red meat but I do not like the way I feel after I eat red meat. After much reading and research this is something that I want to try to see if I notice an improvement in the way I feel. So far so good! I also have extensive family history of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol. YIKES!


Alyssa said...

We are slowly going veggie also, although it will have to wait until after the baby comes, sometimes I just need some meat. But it is a hard transition here in Redding, there are no whole foods stores, and one health food store that is expensive! Share some good recipes when you find them!

Shannon said...

I am a veggie, for 6 months now. I feel so much better, although a lot of research shows that being veggie 100% isn't that great for you?!??!

Lucky mee said...

Derek and I were thinking about going veggie too... I just dont think I could give up my cheeseburgers! haha!