Sunday, September 21, 2008

Away to Mexico

My friends and I liked to joke about running away to Mexico. You know those days - kids driving you nuts, husband being a jerk, can't stand another day of the ordinary. No more Albertson's or Chevy Tahoe's, mortgage payments, homework, car seats, dinners, laundry or dirty bathrooms! But there is always that thing inside of you that stops you from getting on the 5 Freeway and heading south. Then, you are reminded of the sweet kisses of your kiddos, cuddles on the couch watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, laughs shared over a family dinner, your husband's tender touch on the small of your back. All the things that bring so much joy come to mind the second after you contimplate running away from everything.

But then it happens. One of my closest friends ran away to Mexico. Not literaly, she isn't in Cabo but she chucked it all for the dream of a different life. I have to believe that someday soon (if not already) life in Mexico isn't looking a great as she thought it would be. The things that bring joy lost their luster. I guess they no longer came to mind after the thought of hitting the road. Or maybe they did but the dream of a new life become brighter.

One thing that I have learned is that if you think it can't happen to you then you might be in greatest danger of doing it. You take things for granted (cliche but true!). The everyday is no longer special because it's expected and becomes boring. Life in Mexico begins to look more and more exciting. (I think I have beat this annalogy into the ground)

I'm not going to joke about going to Mexico anymore.


thesampsonlife said...

Here here!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

So sad about your friend...I understand wanting to escape life as it seems to be....but, then in reality I don't want to escape what brings the most joy in my children and husband.
If I go to Mexico...I am going with my family in tow!

Lucky mee said...

Sometimes I joke to my husband about taking off to mexico.. He knows Im only joking though! Love you Jess!! xo.