Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baseball and Culture

For Paul's birthday I took him to LA. I surprised him with tickets to his favorite team - the Dodgers! I also got him a new hat.

To make it even better, I got the tickets in the "all you can eat pavilion" If you know Paul, you know that one of his favorite all time activities is eating.
At the end of the game Paul's food count: 4 dodger dogs, 4 cokes, 2 nachos, 1 bag of peanuts, 1 beer. (For the record, I had 2 dodger dogs, 2 diet cokes and a nachos and some of Paul's beer. Yes, I felt very sick after the game.)

We stayed the night in LA and went to the Walk of Fame and stuff like that in Hollywood. Paul had never seen it before! We also went to the Kodak Theater and saw Tokyo Hotel. Paul's putting his hands in George Lucas' (lest you forget that my son's name is Luke). Then there's me lounging at the Kodak Theater. Then there is Tokyo Hotel's gear boxes.

Next we went to the Getty for a romantic lunch and to get some culture and look at art. The security guards talked to us 4 times. What can I say, we are from Bakersfield!

Our view from our lunch table. It was a beautiful day!

Life imitating art (we got the ear phone things to hear more about the paintings)
Paul loved this photograph. The 'stash is amazing! But you are not suppose to take pictures of the pictures (you can of the paintings - not sure why) so I was spoken to by the security guard. Another time I took a picture and my flash went off and I got a stern talking to. And then I was t0o close to a painting and told to back off. And I was sending a text message by the photographs and they told me to put my phone away. I guess Paul is fine but I'm a trouble maker and should not be allowed to leave Bakersfield or go any place outside of Bakersfield.