Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Report

We had dinner with Paul's parents Tom and Judy, his younger brother Daniel and wife Jen, their little girl Aiden and great-grandma Betty. It was kind of a rough day for us. Family drama and Paul and I had to sit at the kids table. Yes, I spent my Thanksgiving at the folding card table. Don't bump it - it will fall over, kids table. Yes, I was insulted and yes, my feelings were hurt. I was reminded during the dinner that I didn't love my kids enough and they would probably be molested and kidnapped.

We decided to leave shortly after dinner to drive to San Clemente. Paul was very anxious to meet his birth father, Joe and brothers Chris and Nick. The drive went quickly and was uneventful. The kids slept most of the way and Paul and I were nervous and chatted the entire time about our expectations, fears, hopes and worries.

Joe and his wife Gerry live in a beautiful neighborhood in a beautiful home. It is big and welcoming. Our time with them was amazing. Every one shared lots of stories of growing up, family history. Sometimes I just sat and stared in amazement that all this was really happening. Paul's family is a very close-knit Italian family. Aunts, Uncles and cousins get together on a regular basis and spend lots of time together. We had a big family dinner on Saturday with Grandma's homemade sauce and meatballs, pasta, ravioli, bread, salads, homemade biscotti, chocolate fountain, cakes and more!

Luke was instantly attached to Papa Joe and has talked about him non-stop since we have been home. It was a wonderful trip. We couldn't have asked for things to go better. Everyone was amazing!

Playing at Laguna Beach
Me, Paul's step-mom Gerry and Paul

Uncle Nick, Luke and Alanna watching cartoons

Luke playing cars with Uncle Chris (Paul's brother)

Uncle Dave (Joe's brother) and Aunt Shannon hosted the get together

Chris and Aunt Sue (Joe's sister)
us and Papa Joe

Joe and his boys -Nick (19), Chris (22) and Paul (33)


Ryan and Krista Lopez said...

Jess, you are looking more and more beautiful with each post! I hope you took your family Christmas pictures on the day you were at the beach. You look SMASHING!
Side note: Now you can see where Paul gets his fun-loving personality!

Blind Mom said...

You have added wonderful pictures. I sure wish I knew how to add pictures to mine. I will learn someday

Shannon said...

I love your blogs! The card table...I was laughing so hard!