Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Night

I learned of family nights from a wonderful blog - Whittaker Woman.  So without further ado here is the Eveland's first family night:
Dodger Night!  
It's Paul's favorite team.  This was a few months ago and I've just been bad about posting.
So here is what we did:
The menu: Dodger dogs, nachos and I made little Dodger bags and in them were peanuts.  To drink we had ice cold root beer (you can't have a Dodger dog without beer!).  For dessert we had baseball cookies.  I had round sugar cookies and frosted them like baseballs. Yes, I know no veggies and it's all processed food.  But it's fun! The kids thought it was amazing!!

Alanna and Luke enjoying the dinner.  Everyone had to wear blue and a baseball hat to dinner.  After dinner we went outside and played some baseball.
After dinner we watched The Sandlot and ate Cracker Jacks.
Alanna was not happy with her prize of a baseball card.  She wanted something "cool".


Lucky mee said...

fun! You are so creative!! xo.