Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yesterday Alanna (my 2nd grade - 7 year old daughter) came home from school very upset.  After some prodding, she told about a boy on her bus that has been grabbing her bottom, making kissy faces at her, told her she was the cutest girl on the bus and worst of all told her he wanted to F-U-Y her.  Although I have no idea what F-U-Y means I was LIVID!!  Paul was seeing red and ready to destroy the boy.  Alanna was crying because she was going to get in trouble because the boy touched her bottom (yes, bottom - butt is a naughty word at the Eveland home).  She also was afraid of getting in trouble for saying "F-U-Y".  If I knew what F-U-Y was...

I was not ready to have the sexual harassment talk with Alanna.  Yes, we've had the "good touch/bad touch" talk with her but this was different.  She told me, "I know I shouldn't feel this way but I feel like it's my fault."  I called the principal and the school is following-up with disciplinary action with the boy.  It breaks my heart that Alanna had to grow-up a little more over the last couple days and lost another little piece of her childhood.


Lucky mee said...

Oh my goodness Jessica, Thats Awful!! I will pray for Your daughter. That should never have to happen to any little girl. :(