Friday, October 30, 2009

Poor Luke

Luke has terrible teeth.  They are very week and he gets tons of cavities.  I mean tons!  Please don't judge me too harshly and you can with hold you're a bad mom comments for another blog.

Are you ready... he has 13 cavities and he is 3 years old.  Some of them are very tiny and don't need to be drilled, two are going to need root canals or be pulled.  We went in for his regular cleaning and walked out with 13 cavities!

Obvious question: Do you brush his teeth?  YES!  Every morning and every night.  (FYI - his sister only had 1 cavity this last appointment).

So bad our dentist sent us to a specialist.  The bad mom who doesn't take care of your kids specialist.  It's like you walk in and everyone behind the desk gives you that look.  "Here comes another another crappy mom that gives her kid coke in his sippy cup and a snickers bar at bed time.  Get the silver tooth caps ready."  I love being this mom.   I'm sure my name is already flagged for a CPS call because we are not getting the H1N1 shots (that's a whole other post!). 

They are going to have to sedate Luke to take care of these 13 cavities.  But they can do everything at one time.  I am flabbergasted (yes, flabbergasted, I said it) as to how he could have so many cavities in such a short time between his cleanings.  This is just plain crazy!


Mrs. Lopez said...

Sarah and I both had cavity-prone teeth. It's not fun, but there wasn't much my mom could do about it. Fortunately I now have good dental insurance and have replaced all of those lovely silver fillings with porcelain! Needless to say, I can empathize with poor Luke!

Anonymous said...

you're an awesome mom!
and by the way, i would love to read that post on H1N1. :)