Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, A New You

Do you believe in Resolutions?  I don't really.  Someone told me for 2010 they wanted "Revelations not Resolutions".  I kind of liked the thought of that.  It doesn't even have to apply to your faith in God.  I think we all could use some greater Revelation in our lives aside from our knowledge of our Higher Power.  So, in honor of that thought (Revelations, not Resolutions)  I have made my list of New Year Revelations I am asking for and seeking in 2010:

  • Revelation to see myself the way my husband sees me
    • all he sees is beautiful and all I see are faults
  • Revelation to know my purpose 
    • huge and I think this is a life long process and journey but one I want to honestly examine and begin to work towards something not just live
  • Revelation to stop living in fear of man - fear of judgement
    • fear of man keeps me from doing so many things I want to do like art and to live creatively
  •  Revelation of a deeper love for people
    • Paul and I have a joke about me not being very tolerant with other people's stupidity and poor life choices.  I don't want it to be a characteristic I am known for.  It makes me sad that people say, "I use to think you were so mean then I got to know you and you're really very nice"  I would much rather people just say the very nice part.  BUT I do not want to loose my sense of justice, standards or morality.  How does this balance and how do I still stay true to who I am? (HINT: REVELATION!)
  • Revelation of my many blessings
    • I am incredibly blessed and I do not want to loose sight of all the good in my life even in the face of adversity and want
And just for the heck of it... here are a few Resolutions to break:

  • Send pictures of my kids to my Grandma once a month.  She lives in New York and will not touch a computer and is always asking for pictures of my kids and I am REALLY bad about sending them to her.
  • Clean-out the old - clean out closets, garage, old Rubbermaid Totes with God knows what in them
  • Start taking pictures again - photography miss it
  • Start college again, change major to Business Marketing and minor in Graphic Design.  (It's taken me 3 years to decide on a major)
  • And because I am an American - loose weight!


Missy said...

Cheers to a new year of revelations!