Friday, March 19, 2010

And Here Comes #3!

We are having another baby.  I am 8 weeks preggers right now and just feel SICK.  All the time.  I am also very tired.

My iron is really low and even with extra iron supplements on top of my pre natal vitamins, it is not coming up to the normal range.  Although (this crosses into TMI so go ahead and skip the next sentence if you would like) I am pooping green iron boulders.  So, that has been super fun too.

I think I have my kids too far apart because I really forget about all this pregnancy stuff.  I waited 5 years between the first two.  And Luke and this baby are 4 years apart.  It all seems so shocking to me and I am convinced that I didn't have any of these issues with my other pregnancies.
Since my iron levels are not coming up and I am a vegetarian my PA wants me to try and eat some meat everyday.  Today will be day one.  It's been almost 2 years!  I am going to have a piece of chicken with my lunch.  I really don't want to eat red meat.  I did buy some organic grass feed beef just incase I need to.

Lately, I have been surprising myself with just how granola I have become.  Some of the changes:  no high fructose corn syrup in our house, mostly organic foods, vegetarian (although Paul and the kids still eat meat - but mostly free range organic), and here is the biggest shocker of them all - we may HOMESCHOOL Alanna next year.  That's another post, but we are seriously looking at that as an option.  Who would have thought?  Soon the Evelands will be churning their own butter and weaving cloth!


Jered said...

Congrats! Hope it's a boy because then you could name him Hezekiah or something nice and Amish.

Your creepy floating baby icon is about 22 days younger than ours.