Friday, February 9, 2007

Local Business

There is something inherently good about supporting local businesses. Don't get me wrong, I believe in capitalism and free market trade. But there is just something about supporting your neighbor in their business endeavor. So many hopes, dreams and love are tied into that local coffee shop, paint store, craft store, hardware store, etc. Family legacy is also such a huge part of why they are doing what they do. They care about you because they need you. You are their customer. Go to Home Depot and their are 100 employees working that are wishing they were anywhere but at Home Depot. I go to Pioneer Mercantile and there are 3 old dudes behind the counter drinking coffee and eating doughnuts. I walk in and I have 3 highly skilled old dudes helping me get the perfect light switch covers for my new house. If your lucky and have a few extra minutes, maybe you can have a cup of coffee and a doughnut too and they tell you stories of the first house they bought in Bakersfield for $18,000. That's just cool.
Here are a couple of my favorites in Bakersfield:

  • Green Frog Market (NE Bakersfield off Oswell)
  • Country Cottage Coffee (Truxtun and N)
  • Sequoia Paint (N. 19th Street) - they make the paint - not just mix the color, they manufacture the paint, right there - custom!
  • Strawberry Patch (Off Ming behind OSH) - great fabric store! Really unique pieces