Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prophetic Word

This weekend Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church in Redding, CA came down and did a conference. It was GREAT!!! He spoke on the Supernatural Ways of Royalty and that we are all royalty and should approach the thrown of God with confedence. It was way cool and at times he totally blew my mind away...

So, after Kris speaks he opens up time for prophetic ministry. A word was given to me and my husband Paul and here it is:
We were going to buy a house (we close on our house March 15th)
We had just been through a storm but it was over now. It was demonic in nature and we had been blaming ourselves for this time of strife but it was nothing that we caused. (In April 2006 Paul lost his job totally unfair and with no real reason. He did not find work again till November of 2006. We just found out his old boss was demoted due to a class action lawsuit that was being brought against her for unfair terminations and discrimination.)
He then asked if we had ever been sued. (we have and lost $25,000) He then said that God's justice would be heard on that and we are having a new lawyer assigned to our case, Jesus Christ, and that we would be victorious and would be repaid plus 700% interest. We would see the first deposit of the money in the next 18 months. (we'll keep you posted on the money!)

So it was really cool to have that encouragement and the word of confermation about Paul loosing his job. He has always blamed himself for it - that there was something he could have done to change what happend.