Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adoption 3

AHHHH!!! Last night was our adoption orientation meeting. Needless to say Paul and were more confused after the meeting then we were before. The guy leading the meeting used a lot of social worker, industry terms. "FFA" "Dispos" ".26" etc. At the end of the meeting, I asked, "what is the very first thing we need to start a placement in our home." The instructor then took 15 minutes to tell us everything we shouldn't do but never told us what to do. We were confused!

To make matters worse, there was a young man there with lots of issues one of which was the inability to bathe regularly. We'll call him Ted. He told us that he was mentally disabled and ADHD. Ted also raps about the perils of drug use and want to sue CPS for stuff that happened to him when he was a kid. He interrupted the meeting all night long and made everything a lot more difficult.

Thankfully after the meeting a really nice man, we'll call him Frank, helped us with some basic info. Frank and his domestic partner were very helpful and pointed us in the right direction to get started. They have been through this before and were there to do another adoption. They gave us a number to call so our home can be licensed. I guess we can't have a child placed in our home until we are licensed by the county. (FYI - I did not get that information from the meeting). Thank you Lord for Frank and his domestic partner.

We also got a super encouraging email from a childhood friend of Paul. He and his wife are in the middle of an adoption through the county and have had a wonderful experience. I really needed to read it after last night. It sounded pretty hopeless after our meeting.


Bella said...

Why in the world is "Ted" planning to adopt? Oy vey!
I do pray that your experience will become more encouraging as you go through this process. Yeah for "Franks & their domestic partners" --Ha ha!
And, thanks for the poo comment: laughter is good, laughter is good! Though, I don't think I was laughing until the next day.

Anonymous said...

Why are "we" calling the ADHD rapper "Ted". I'm sure Michael would appreciate us getting his name out there, yo!

Jessica said...

PAUL!! Names were changed to protect the innocent. Also, they told us not to share names!!! You're going to get us kicked out.

Anonymous said...

That's how I roll, yo. Say "nope" to dope and "ugh" to drugs. Maybe I should start rapping about the ills of ilegal drug use too, yo.

Jessica said...

I know you are so proud of yourself Paul.

Jo said...

In our class, one lady was only there to find out how many kids she could get. She even had the gall to ask that if she had a, "pregnant one" then could she, "get money for two of 'em". My theory is that they weed most of these people out with all of the confusing stuff. There were many times I just went home and cried... HOWEVER... I am so happy for every moment of it, it turned out to be on of those 'building character' things! You will need it when dealing with social services! Keeping you guys in my prayers... (already hit the husband up for one more adoption before we try to get preggers on our own!)

Alyssa said...

wow your story takes me back to when we started going to the classes to do fost/adopt, let's not candy coat it, it sucks and it's hard! But you always have some crazy characters in there you can go home and crack up about! It is so worth it, fight through the pain!