Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hey Everyone! Today is the day - blog about the things we are doing to make a difference...
I have recently posted about things the Eveland's have done to make this world a little greener. So far so good! I'm really happy about the changes we have made and how easy most of them have been. Quick run down of a few of them:

  • gdiapers
  • earth friendly cleaning products
  • washing clothes in cold water
  • tried the deodorant - it ended with a nasty rash so, I'm back to using Secret
  • buying in season fruits and veggies
  • CFLs in my lamps (Costco has an instant rebate right now and they are $3.79 for a pack of 10!!!)
  • carpooling to work
  • some recycling
  • low water use on our grass (although we got a letter from our HOA about our not so green lawn)
  • saving for bamboo flooring in our home
  • driving a Saturn Ion
  • totes at the grocery store
Things we would still like to do or needs improvement:
  • more recycling - we're just a little lazy about this
  • eliminate paper goods - using up the last of the Costco packs we had bought. Although Paul hand washes the disposable plastic cups every week so we can re-use them at Home Group
  • start composting
The hardest part of being "green" are all the politics that go along with it... Yes, I would be considered liberal by many and this has led to many lively discussions. I think caring for the world that God has given us dominion over is not a political choice. Democrat or Republican, Hilary or Guliani, what does that have to do with being careful with the earth?


jess mac said...

I agree. Green is just good stewardship.