Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

In just 1 hour the mad rush will begin. We will start the festivities of Halloween.

This year Alanna is Barbie Fairytopia. Yep, a cheesy costume from Target. Usually, I craft and sew a costume of our own creation. But this year, Alanna wanted to follow the masses and buy the pre-fab itchy $17.99 costume from Target. I was really pushing for the Wonder Woman one but she was dead set on Barbie Fairytopia. Why do kids have to learn to think for themselves. I liked it better when I decided the costume every year and got to do whatever I wanted to do. Sigh...

Luke is "Dr. Luke". I got him baby scrubs and had them embroider "Dr. Luke" on them. REALLY cute! He has a little doctor case and stethoscope too.

Enjoy your night of candy, costumes, sugar highs and lows!

Costumes I made last year. Alanna is a Fairy Princess (I guess not much different than Barbie Fairytopia - I just made everything on this one) and Luke was a Lion (I love this costume and will keep it forever!).


Jo said...

love the lion costume as well. Barbie Farytopia?! How did I miss that one. We went with the chicken costume at Target... on sale for $10 (it was a little too small... oh well)