Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Update

Wow, it's been a really long time since I have written anything. We have had an exciting couple of weeks in our home. Last couple of posts were quick prayer requests. Let me update you on that:

  • Luke has salmonella. YIKES!! So we have rounds of blood diarrhea and vomiting for the last couple of weeks and we are finally on the mend. Although when someone is diagnosed with salmonella it is required by law that it be reported to the health department. Then the health department bugs you for about a week with horrible questions, such as "when you go to the bathroom, do you wash your hands? when you wipe to you use toilet paper or your hand? do you feed your family raw chicken? do you let your children play with raw chicken?" Then multiply all that for about an hour. The Health Department "excluded" Luke from child care until we finish all the anti-biotic. So no work for me for 3 weeks!! Our house was cleared by the Health Dept as a clean and safe home. Hooray for me!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have spent the week in Tahoe in a beautiful cabin with a hot tub, fireplaces and a big kitchen. It has been the greatest get away for the stressful month we have endured. (yes, I know others have gone through much worse but this time was really tough for us)

Thank you God for every blessing, your favor and grace for my family. Thank you for your Son and everything he endured for me.

Off to go shopping and go to the movies!


MamaSue said...

Raw chicken, lovingly prepared with poo-covered hands: a staple in any good meal. Sounds like a Disney movie plot to me.

bicycle said...

HI jess! glad tahoe was a nice break, you definitely deserved it! miss you and love you!