Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

I've had such a hard time sitting down and writing. Even with the new purchase of a family computer all set-up in our living room. I know all the shows on HGTV take computers right out of the living room as soon as they walk in the door to re-do the hideous house. The reason for said computer in our non-HGTV living room is because of safety. Alanna likes to play on and and I like to keep close tabs on her computer time. I have seen way too many episodes of Oprah and Dr. Phil to let her anywhere near a computer without me being close by.

We are slowly preparing for Christmas. We have our fake tree up (allergies and asthma) although Luke has stripped the bottom third of all ornaments. I don't go all crazy around the house for Christmas. I have my fake, pre-lit tree, a nativity, our four stockings and a wreath on our door. One thing I do love is Christmas music and it's on constant rotation at the house. My favorites this year are Rat Pack Christmas and Christmas Big Band.