Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Rap-Up and Starting a New Year

Christmas at the Eveland house was fun and pretty quiet. We stayed home in Bakersfield this year. Most years we travel up to my mom's house in Eureka. It's a 10+ hour drive! We always have a great time but decided that we needed to spend a Christmas at home and with Paul's side of the family. Christmas morning was uneventful. Luke refused to open any presents. We handed him a gift and he would push it off his lap and yell "NO!!" I think the terrible 2's are coming on a little early. So, Alanna took over and opened everybody's presents. We went to a nice brunch with the cousins and Christmas dinner at Papa and Grandma Eveland's. Paul's Grandma and brother and his girlfriend were there too. It was a nice evening. Santa was good to everyone and now Santa's checkbook is recovering.

New Year - I have no expectation for this year. I usually am filled with expectation of change for the change of the year. I can honestly say that I have no high hopes for this year. I am not trying to sound depressed or down and I don't feel depressed or down. I'm just ready for today and not going to stress, worry or think about all of 2008. I think I am in a good place.

PS - I've lost 14 pounds - only 38 left to go. I've gone down a pants size. Yeah me!! My current goal is to loose 20 lbs by May.