Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm One of Them...

In a previous post, I shared an article that was on the front page of our paper about the revival that has come to Bakersfield. I also wanted to share a personal testimony of my experience at the God Encounter Meetings.

This was from Sunday, January 20th...

Paul and I were moved to go to the front of the church during ministry time. I really wanted/needed to hear, feel, experience something that I have seen so many other people experience. Hearing the testimonies of Lucas, Jamie Galloway, Cherrie and Mike Kaylor I wanted to experience God. So, I go to the front of the stage and assume the receiving position. NOTHING… Laughter starts and NOTHING… Mike says the fire of God is filling the house and it’s getting hot – wait I feel something – I’m getting cold! My hands and arms are freezing, goose bumps cold. I’m thinking I’m getting de-anointed. I start praying and repenting… people are rolling on the ground around me and I’m standing there, getting cold. I’m begging God at this point, “please Lord, please, I want You so badly” I bend over, maybe getting closer to the ground will help. Still NOTHING.

At that point my mind starts going and the lies of the enemy are filling my thoughts (I’m not a good enough Christian, I’m not really a Christian, they are just faking, it’s just emotionalism). I started crying and I took my thoughts captive and rebuked all that junk. I decide that I am going to stand here obediently and receive whatever is happening – I will accept the download that Mike was speaking about even if nothing happens.

After that ministry time, Paul and I took Luke to Cherrie for prayer and although Luke wasn’t healed (Cherrie told us that his healing wouldn’t come tonight but it will come), I also received an AMAZING word (and lots of kisses) from Cherrie and left the meeting very encouraged.

That night while I was sleeping I had an angelic visitation. I was engulfed in flames and I was hot – really, really, really hot. At first I was surrounded with blinding white light and then strips of colors, like beautiful fabrics were coming all around me. Then I saw two giant hands bring all the colors together into a garment. Then the garment was placed on me and a voice spoke and said, “Jessica you wear a coat of many colors.” The voice was totally reassuring and I was weeping in the confidence of who God made me to be. Then I was taken to another place and I saw myself praying for healing for a bunch of people – mostly kids (it ties into Cherrie’s word for me about Luke’s healing and confirmed words given to me by Mike Kaylor and Bill Dew). Then I woke up and I was drenched in sweat. My PJ’s and sheets were soaking wet. Waves of emotion come over me still as I think about it and I can still feel the power of that moment.


Lucky mee said...

Wow Jessica! What an amazing testimony!! God is good!!