Saturday, February 16, 2008

Truck Update

Sorry, for the delayed response to questions. Our house has been infected. On Tuesday, both kids were sent home with pink eye. Wednesday, my throat was a little sore. Thursday I woke-up and I could barely talk. I have strep throat and the flu. Yes, both. One cool thing about getting strep throat as an adult is that you get vicodin (I don't know how to spell that and it's spelled so wrong it won't come up in spell check. Maybe it's the drugs... Just sound it out). As a kid you have to suffer through the pain, as an adult you get narcotics and get to sleep all day. Another great reason to be an adult!

On the truck - why did it catch fire? Well, the arson investigation stated that there was bad wiring with the brake line and the cruise control. This bad wiring will cause your Ford F150 to randomly catch on fire, even when it is not on. Apparently, everyone except us has heard of this happening and no one thought they should tell us. Please promise if you hear of fires or random explosions in Saturn Ions please, please, please let me know!

GEICO is now in possession of the truck and we are waiting for their final word on when we get paid. At this time we are not pursuing a law suit with Ford. We have consulted an attorney and the only damages we could recover is actual costs (the same thing we will get from our insurance company). If class action forms against Ford and we have chosen to be a part of that. So maybe someday, we'll get a $10 check from that lawsuit.