Monday, February 11, 2008

My Truck is on FIRE!!!

Friday Paul and I were scheduled to go out of town to Pismo Beach for the weekend for our church's annual marriage retreat. This is a HUGE highlight for Paul and I. We get a amazing weekend away, in a beautiful hotel at the beach.

So, I'm at home waiting for Paul to get home from work so we can leave. At 3:00 my neighbor calls and asks if something if wrong with our truck (2002 Ford F150). I tell her that I pulled it out from the garage because we going out of town, blah, blah, blah and she interrupts me and says, "NO your truck is smoking"

I run outside and I was about 3 feet away from my car then BOOM!!! and fire engulfs the engine and goes up about 12 feet in the air and then starts to burn the house it's parked next to. I call 9-1-1 and I'm flipping out. The guy at 9-1-1 has to yell at me to get my attention so I can give him our address. It ends up we have 3 police cars, 4 firetrucks, 2 news crews, ambulance and the arson investigation unit there. We were on the evening news. I wouldn't talk to them but they had shots of me crying and flipping out.

Paul drives up in the middle of all this and his first question for me is, "What did you do?!?"

It was just crazy. There are so many things I'm thankful for - the car seats were out of the car since we were going out of town, the kids weren't home when this happened, the truck wasn't parked in our garage, no one was hurt or worse killed. It was horrible. Here's some pictures of the aftermath...

The hood melted in the fire

House that caught on fire. Thank God it was vinyl siding. The Fire Dept said that's is what saved it from burning to the ground.

The drivers side. The door won't close, it's melted open

The front seat

The back seat


Jered said...

Holy smokes -- no pun intended.

I'm guessing no retreat then? :(

Jo said...

oh my goodness! I read your blog with my jaw on the floor! What the heck happened to cause that?

Brian, Emily, & Violet said...

Yikes,scary! We're glad everyone is okay!

Bella said...

Um WoW! That is scary! Do you know what caused the explosion? Were you smoking and left the cigarette burning in the truck?! (haha)
I am so glad everyone was safe Jessica. I hope you were able to still go to the retreat...after something like that I would really be looking forward to getting away!

bicycle said...

i need to talk to you and hear about this!!! i am in shock, we were the last ones in that truck and i watched you clean it out. this is crazy jess! i'm so glad you're alright and that the whole house didn't burn down!

tara said...

wow . . . I'm glad you were okay . . . did you guys get to go away on the retreat? Blogs are better than myspace :) I look forward to reading more!