Monday, February 11, 2008

10 Things I Hope You Won't Hate About Me

I was tagged by Krista...

1. I am a registered Democrat, I don't always vote the party line but I can say that I never voted for a Bush!

2. I love gobs of mayo on my sandwiches. Extra mayo on both slices of bread. Yummo!

3. I have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly. I read celebrity gossip and I know all about Brittney, Lindsey and Paris.

4. I don't like kids shows or movies. I force myself to sit through an episode of anything on Disney. I don't think Sponge Bob is funny.

5. I LOVE Neil Diamond! I love to listen to him really, really, really, loud. And I always get the words wrong. "I am my sin" (that's a joke for Paul)

6. Sleeping Habit: I can't have anything touch my face while I sleep. Not my hair or the blankets. It freaks me out and I feel like I can't breath. I can only have one texture of blanket touching my skin at a time.

7. I say "urrr" when I'm talking and I loose my train of thought.

8. I have about 10 unfinished projects in my crafting rubber maid tote and I won't get rid of them and I won't ever finish them.

9. I like gossip. I have to try really hard not to get caught up in it.

10. I have lots of weird quirks that only my husband knows about. For instance... I will only use catchup out of the little packets at room temp, I will only drink milk from a glass with one ice cube, I can't drink water from a bottle, only from a straw. That's only a few that I am willing to share at this time. Maybe with some counseling and medication I will be able to share more.