Thursday, March 13, 2008

My new obsession

I have a new addiction - it has led to less time blogging and more time at beenup2. It's great and I cannot get enough of my new web obsession. It's like Twitter or IM'ing but with pictures. Check it out, become my friend and join me in this addiction!

Checkout what I've BeenUp2!


bicycle said...

OMG!! (yes, i said omg) i was JUST thinking about smith's cookies and wanted one really bad and here you've had them for breakfast! Luckyyyyyy :) Love you Jess, you're one of my best friends ever, and just best people in general. don't think i'm going to make it to the paint thing, i am very glad you invited me and wish i could make it :( hav a wonderful day! i'm going to see what you'v beenup2