Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today we had a workshop at our church on Prophetic Creativity and it was AWESOME! Mike and Cherrie Kaylor are my kind of people, they are out of the box people and I love out of the box people. I think because I am always shoved into one kind of box and it drives me crazy!!!!!!

Anyway, they were speaking on using our creativity that is a gift from God and use that to express the prophetic word, wisper of God. I'm not talking about painting a picture of Jesus but of asking God and seaking Him in everything we do. God is the Creator and by nature, He is creative. It's time to reclaim the Arts, music, drama and use the things that God has put inside of us. It's not about making religious art/music/drama/etc. it's about making God inspired work.

I was blown away today. They spoke to my heart and God really moved me today. When we got to the workshop part and I started to paint, I was sobbing. Old wounds were being healed and I was being released. I still feel it. I think the best way I can discribe it is I am raw. I feel emotionaly raw right now. God is still at work on me.

PS Mandi - I loved painting with you today. You are an amazing talent and such an encourager!! Let's do it again really soon


bicycle said...

i LOVED paiting with you too. you are the most amazing friend, i would have never done that had you not encouraged me. i love you and can't wait to paint together again!