Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adoption Update (Thanks Jo!)

Paul and I have been slowly trudging through the process of adoption through the Kern County Department of Human Services. We are in wait mode. We are waiting to be assigned a social worker and do our home study. Here's the really discouraging part - the average wait in Kern County for your home study is (drum roll please...) 18 - 24 months. That's right, one and a half to two years!!!

We have decided for our family a little brother for Luke would be the best fit (We don't want to de-thrown the princess!). We have also decided to name our baby Tyler Robert Eveland. It's more real to me that we've given him a name. The process of adoption is SOOO different than birthing a baby. I keep thinking when is this going to happen, when am I getting the call that Tyler is here? I don't have a due date to plan for, we are just waiting in anticipation. And now to hear that the wait could be twice as long as we were originally told - it's discouraging and at times heart breaking.

If you pray - please pray for us and our son Tyler. Pray for break-through in the system for us, for favor and that our name will supernaturally jump to the top of the list.


Jo said...

will keep you in prayer! might want to check out it's not exactly user friendly, but once you find your way around there is tons of useful information!

Alyssa said...

SO sorry it is taking longer than you thought, waiting just plain sucks. But someday when you have your son it will all be worth it and you won't even remember how hard it all was! We will just pray that day comes fast!