Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some things...

Here are some things I love about going to church...

  • Pastor David - He's a good teacher and MAN is he SMART! David is passionate to follow after the things of God and imparts that wisdom on us.
  • Family - not just blood relation but really being part of the family of God
  • Getting to Worship God - actually this should be the beginning and end of my list. Is there no great honor in all the earth than worshiping the Creator?
  • Prayer - getting to pray for people and calling forth their destiny, crying tears with them, speaking words of healing and life and seeing people walk in freedom.
That's just a couple things I love about church - specifically being a part of my church. I would direct you to the website but it's not good and isn't an accurate portrait of how crazy we all are. Tonight, while Paul was being prayed for (there was a call to all teachers so Paul went right up and was at the front of the line) he was covered in gold dust. AWESOME!

PS - if you haven't seen it yet, you have got to see The Finger of God. It's documentary about crazy Christians going after the power of God. (I say crazy in love because I'm one of them too.)