Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some things...

Some things that have consumed my life, thoughts and prayer life the last week...

  1. sick Luke
  2. throwing-up
  3. running
  4. stretching an already thin family budget
  5. payroll
  6. state & federal payroll liability payments
  7. gas prices
  8. milk prices ($6.50 a gallon!!!)
  9. cell phones
  10. my dad
  11. going to Virgina for Ty's Law School Graduation
  12. praying for miracles
  13. beenup2
  14. Quickbooks
  15. State of CA education budgets
  16. posting a podcast
  17. baby gut (post baby belly)
  18. Weight Watchers
  19. painting/art
  20. faith
  21. unbelief
  22. fear
  23. healing
  24. asthma
  25. allergies
  26. conventional medicine
  27. alternative medicine
So that's a quick list of my life the last week.


Anonymous said...

I've found your blog though Alyssa Lances and thought I'd say hi. Are all of you coming out to Williamsburg for Tyler's graduation? My parent's and I live here and I have no doubt in my mind that they'd love to see all of you guys. Please email me if you are going to have a free moment. I would love to get you all on a free ghost walk (i give them for a living...weird i know.)
my email:

take care,
Melissa Mace-Davis