Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Leaving for Vacation

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Virginia to watch my brother graduate from Law School at William and Mary. I am so proud of Tyler and everything that he has accomplished. After graduation, he's off to NYC. He is going to be working on Wall Street at the oldest law firm in America. He's going to be a big time corp attorney and will hopefully one day pay for my kids college tuition. I got awesome shoes to wear with a simple brown linen a-line dress. They are both from Banana Republic.
I am leaving Paul home with the kiddos. So he will be single dad for 6 days. I already spoke with Alanna's teacher & Luke's preschool teacher because I have no idea what state Alanna & Luke will be in by day 5. Last time I left him home alone with Alanna (I took Luke) when I came home she looked like she had butter smeared all over her teeth. She didn't brush her teeth for 4 days and Paul forgot to have her do it. Don't get me wrong, he's a GREAT dad, just sometimes the details escape him. Details like dental hygiene. (maybe I should cancel my trip...)


Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Love the shoes! Exclamation Point!
LoL...I understand completely about leaving our husbands with our kids...I left for a weekend and the girls dressed themselves (crazy outfits) and did (or not did) their own hair too. Yikes.
Have fun on your trip. It will be a nice getaway for you. (I am jealous!)
And, what a fantastic accomplishment for you brother. That is awesome. He is going to love NYC!

bicycle said...

you're going to look awesome as always, you have such good taste! have a fun trip and a good time visiting with your bro! xoxo

trisha loves to paint said...

Have fun! love your new outfit!! Great choice!