Saturday, June 14, 2008

Florida 2

I AM CHANGED! Last night we had our first night at the Florida Outpouring. I AM CHANGED. The right side of my body is buzzing - my hands, my feet, my face. Electricity has been pulsing through my body. This morning at the meeting the fire of God was all over me. There was a tunnel of fire around me. My hands and feet were covered with golden glitter/sparkles.

I have been battling with the experience vs. action. So what - I'm tingling, hot and laughing but what's the point. Then the Lord told me "This is the point!" At that point I knew that more then anything else I just needed to spend time with God. I needed to get over myself and enter into a intimate relationship relationship relationship with my loving Father. HA! I just wrote relationship 3 times and didn't even realize I was doing it. Just call me Chris Overstreet :)

I'm off to this evening's meeting.


trisha loves to paint said...

come on girl!
get it!!!

bicycle said...

so glad it's been great!! woo hoo for new, wonderful experiences! bring some back will ya? :) LOVE YOU!!!