Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back from the wilderness

I am back from camping. Sad to say it was not the relaxing time I was hoping it would be. DUH!!! I was camping with a 2 year old boy - there were rocks to throw, sticks to hit, boulder's to climb, rivers to fall into, dirt to eat. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a crazy "don't ever get dirty" type of mom. My major concern was bodily injury and death. At one point we even lost Luke. He was gone for maybe 5 minutes but it was the worst 5 minutes of my LIFE!! We also had huge rain and thunder storms for 3 out of the 7 days.

I think Luke had the time of his life. There were rocks to throw, sticks to hit, boulder's to climb, rivers to fall into and dirt to eat. Probably what heaven is like in his little boy mind. He was forever busy and didn't stop moving all day long.

Alanna had it kind of rough this year. There were no girls there her age. Just a bunch of boys that made things kind of hard. She was kind of lonely but was a super trooper and didn't really complain. I'm so pround of the young lady she is going up to be. I got to play lots of Rummy and Slap Jack with Alanna and we spent some good time together.

I have decided not to go camping next year. Mom needs a year off and a vacation that does not involve pooping in a hole for a week.


Anonymous said...

Oh it sounds delightful, no seriously I miss me some CA mountains, I would poop in a hole, have a 2 year old on the verge of death any day vs these GA hills. One day you will look back and smile at this trip. :) H

Jo said...

hey... have you done any more adoption stuff? we are about to finish the adoption with Lacy and start looking for two boys.