Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look Before You Eat

Last week we had good friends over for a BBQ. We had corn on the cob with our dinner and Luke loves it. Because he is two and new to the whole feeding/eating thing - I have to help him out and take a bite out of his corn to start it for him.

We had finished dinner and I was washing up dishes and loading the dishwasher and Luke handed me a piece of corn to start. I mindlessly took it, took a bite and handed it back. He said "K-ank Too" and I replied "Welcome Bubba." Then I thought that corn tastes bad and wait a minute - that smell, I know that smell. I spun Luke around and I knew. At that moment, I knew. His hands were covered in poop, in turn his corn was covered in poop. I ate poop!

Luke has decided that he doesn't like poo in his diapers and when he poos he pulls it out of his pants. We have been trying potty training but he runs and hides when he poos so we are never really sure when it happens. When we try to put him on the potty he flips out. Crying, screaming, yelling, he does not want to use the potty. I'm not sure how to move forward in potty training and I do not want to eat any more poop-corn!


Jered said...

Oh my. That is really ... gross.

Poopcorn might be the best new word out of this experience, too.

Ryan and Krista Lopez said...

The world's most natural form of birth control are stories like this!