Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beach Fun!

Eveland family took a day trip to Ventura Beach. I fell asleep in a chair with Luke and got so burned. It had blisters on my lips. Please Lord, spare me from skin cancer! I am usually a freak about sun screen, I wear spf 30 everyday.

We had a great time. Alanna was in the water the entire time. We had to force her to get out to eat lunch and she was not happy. Luke did not touch the water but had a good time throwing rocks, digging in the sand and knocking down sand castles. He kept going after neighbors sand creations.

Little Man Luke - he's so white but soooo cute! He takes after mom

Miss Alanna loves the water!
She has the most beautiful olive skin. Thank God for Paul's genetics!

Paul and I - pre lip blisters

Walks on the beach and converstations about rocks.
"Wook it Daddy - wrocks!"


Lucky mee said...

You have such a beautiful family Jessica!