Wednesday, November 19, 2008

High School Memories

Today I got an message from an old friend from high school. I graduated in 1995. It was an email asking why I did what I did. I was big jerk to him and he wanted to know what happened. I can honestly say that he didn't do anything. He was (and I'm sure he still is) a great person and a friend to me during the hardest time in my life - when my sister died. I was just immature and didn't handle things very well back then. So here I am 15 years later trying to explain why at age 15 I wasn't a good friend and more than that was a total a-hole.

I'm really glad that he sent me the message. It's something I have always regretted and wanted to apologize for. I hope that we could be friends again but maybe too much time has passed. Who knows?

It got me to thinking about my life today. What email/message/or some advanced messaging system that hasn't been invented yet will I get in another 15 years? Who am I letting down today? What friendship am I letting slip away? There was one person that came to my mind right away and I'm going to call her tomorrow morning.


Jered said...

I've thought about this recently, too. My wife has rekindled several friendships from high school and college that weren't so hot when they were left before.

As we were talking about how neat it is to recover those friends, I realized that holding onto grudges for so long is exactly like us ... right now ... being offended at someone much younger. In one particular case, her friend was 20.

Would you seriously hold a long grudge against a 20-year old? Or would you give them the benefit of the doubt? Understanding their level of maturity isn't quite the same as ours.

Oh, you'd probably really like the book "Fierce Conversations."

Jo said...

Great post. I have been going through many of the the same things lately. Just trying to decide if it's even worth the energy or if maybe things are just too messed up.

thesampsonlife said...

I love your posts Jessica. I loved how you began to think of how your actions today may be effecting people. Made me think. I need to do that more. I laughed when you called yourself an a-hole. Ha ha! Love you friend.