Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I was so ready for a lazy Sunday afternoon after church and lunch with the extended family. Luke had other plans. I just had to run a quick errand to Target (I was so good and only spent $35 - it's a miracle!). We're going out to the car and Luke lays on that rack under the cart and gets his thumb caught in the wheel. It rips off a bunch of the skin and looks like it is broken. Of course when ever I have a champion mom move - something that would earn me a nomination for mother of the year, some one is there to see it. Mandi Neilson's mom, Melissa, and her sister are right there! We spend the next 3 hours at Kaiser. Good news! Luke's thumb is not broken, just badly bruised, swollen and meaty. We left with an anti-biotic and band aids.

That cut wraps all the way around and down the other side of his thumb.


mandi said...

i am so sorry the poor little guy hurt his finger so bad! and no worries about my family being the eye witnesses, they would never think less of you or your mothering skills, especially because andrea's kids are so close to the same age as yours and they've had their visists to the emergency room too :) i reaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy hope to see you soon and spend some quality chick time together!