Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Pictures

This weekend I tried to take some Christmas pictures of the kids to send out cards.  Got them all dressed in cute pj's and set up on the stairs then Alanna decided to ram her chin into the top of Luke's head until he started crying then Luke turned around the slapped Alanna in the face.  After that all Alanna would do is stare me down and Luke was not happy he just wanted to watch a movie.   

So, I lost my cool, "ALL I WANT IS A STUPID CHRISTMAS PICTURE TO SEND TO OUR FRIENDS!  SIT DOWN AND SHUT-UP SO I CAN TAKE A PICTURE!!"  This got their attention  - I said two bad words, "stupid" and "shut-up".  My mom was here visiting and she just sat in the kitchen laughing at me.  I finally gave up and let the kids watch their movie.  I think I need to ask Santa for a book on parenting.

 Merry Christmas!


Jered said...

Your story reminded me of this Mother's Day video.

Merry Christmas!

mandi said...

i love you and your kids so much :)