Friday, February 6, 2009

F-U-Y Update

After meeting with the principal and they boy - he was suspended for 2 days and has to sit by the bus driver on bus from now on.  Front row seat is death in elementary school social circles.  Alanna is free to sit where she wants.  At first they said that Alanna needed to sit near the driver.  I objected - why should Alanna be punished?  She didn't do anything wrong.  They are dividing the boys and girls on the bus.  Boys on the left, girls on the right.  I'm satisfied with how things turned out.  We did tell her if he grabs her again, that she could hit him as hard as she could and that we would deal with the school.  


Jo said...

did you see his parents? if so, how did they respond!

I agree with you... let her slug him if it happens again!

Jessica (Probst) Eveland said...

We were not allowed to be there when his parents came it because of parents retaliating. From what the principal told us, his mom came in and she was very sorry for what her son did.