Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Airports are strange places.  I am waiting for my flight to San Francisco to North Carolina to Buffalo NY (I get here tomorrow morning at 11am).  It is empty but for a few strange characters.  Sometimes, I wonder if I am on a hidden camera TV show.

When I checked-in, a lady was at the counter flipping out because they didn't have her tickets.  She proceeded to call the FBI.  Then started yelling about the government taking her social security checks and forcing her to go on welfare.  She wants to fly to Washington DC to prove that America isn't what we think it is.  WHAT??? She didn't get through to anyone at the FBI, she was on put on hold.  She told me that they were scared of her because she was revealing the truth.  How do you get the number to the FBI?  Can you just dial 4-1-1?  I looked around for security and I breathed a sigh of relief a TSA agent was walking up and then kept on going.  Apparently, my lip gloss in a threat to national security but this lady is just fine.

The other man on my flight tonight is selling cars right now - over the phone.  If you want a BMW, I know a guy.