Monday, August 31, 2009

One More Thing

I want to completely redecorate my house. I am over the leather couches, starbucks moody paint, and black accents. I am so inspired by everything I see vintage. I want old glass bottles, suitcases, ornament picture frames, worn distressed furniture, an old globe. I want to go to garage sales and find things and hunt around in thrift stores.



Mrs. Lopez said...

I have a really old globe in my classroom. Only problem is the equator has been half pulled off and the base is broken, so it wobbles on one screw sticking out of the bottom... Wouldn't that be lovely in your home?

Missy said...

I'm quite the vintage fan myself... Can't go wrong with it!

bicycle said...

i have totally been in the mood to go thrifting and garage sale-ing! we should make a date some saturday and do it!