Thursday, April 3, 2008

Running Wo-Man

Did you know in "Running Man", Arnold was the Butcher of Bakersfield? Anyway...Today I started training for a 5K. This is a big deal - I don't run. I just don't. Today I ran for a total of 3 minutes. May not be impressive to you but to me that is HUGE! It's the first day of my "Couch to 5K" routine. My wonderful cousin Anna is going to be doing it with me. We've been walking together 3 mornings a week for 5 months now and decided it was time to step it up a notch. Although I decided that I also need a sports bra for my bottom and tummy. (Can you tell that I have kids? I didn't say "butt" and "stomach" - my first word choice was bottom and tummy. I didn't even notice till I read it a second time)

We are also in a friendly compatition with all the cousins for "Biggest Looser" I put $20 in the prize pot and I don't want to loose! I am getting serious!! Today at 12:15 if my first Weight Watchers meeting. YIKES! I've lost 22 pounds on my own but I've hit a wall and I think I need some extra help to get over it. I'm kind of freaking out about going but I know lots of you have had tons of success with the program. I have 34 pounds to go and I am at my goal. Let the count down begin!


Bella said...

I think I will join you! I have 3 babies worth of baby-fat to lose. It would be a nice goal to run a 5K. I am impressed with your 3 minutes BTW...because honestly, I am out of breath after 1 minute. Sad.

Lola D said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome. This whole biggest looser challenge is so cool. Can't wait to hear about the progress. Fun blog, by the by!

bicycle said...

oh how fun! you can totally do it jess :) it's funny to read this because tab and i just made a bet about weight loss. we put up a day at the beach all expenses paid by the loser so i'm working hard too! my sis goes to weight watchers and loves it. she always wants me to go but i'm not in town. i wonder if you'll end up at the same one? you're a hot mama already though, just so you know :) Love ya!!