Monday, June 9, 2008

Mom Day

Today is mom day. I have Monday's off of work and I spend the day doing mom stuff. It really is my favorite day of the week although sometimes my toughest! Today was one of the tougher ones. Luke keeps stripping naked and peeing on the floor (3 times today). Seriously!! While I'm cleaning up pee, he throws his lunch all over the floor. AHHHH!!!! I ask him 100 times if he has to sit on the potty "No" I turn around and he's naked. Just got snacks and he threw crackers everywhere. All I wanted to do is go to the bathroom. Luke's in hassle time - again.

I have so much respect for you stay at home moms. You guys are amazing!


Jo said...

lacy copped a squat on our carpet in the living room a few times. It's fun. Hang in there!

bicycle said...

At first I thought you meant my cat was a hero! Ha ha! I am so excited that you're teaching at the bridge I REALLY wish I could be there, I know you'll do GREAT!!!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Ha ha hassle time!
Ya know what is up with the running around nakedness? Lydia is doing the VERY SAME THING!---in fact right now she is naked and refuses to go get panties. Hmmph!
Okay...even funnier (a blog post waiting to happen), Lydia decided it would be fun to strip off her clothes while I was working in childwatch at the YMCA....all the kids staring at her as she trotted around in her bareness!
Why bother buying clothes?
Hang in there! I am barely hanging too!